Summer Sermon Series: A Series of Creation

The second part of summer and into the fall, we'll be exploring God’s Creation under various topical themes. We modern folk have come to feel separated from the created order, and this hurts us. The truth is we are part of God’s wonderful web of life. There is so much destruction evident in the world that we are in need of God’s re-creation.

August 6

Celebration of Holy Communion

"Plants" - The earth brings forth vegetation that feeds, clothes and shelters us. It also provides us with medicines and fuel. Now we are more aware that it collects our waste carbon dioxide and gives us back oxygen to breathe. In Communion Jesus uses the products of fruit and grain to give us the food of Life.

August 13

Blessing of School Supplies (for Havre de Grace Elementary School)

"Earth" - The earth seems so large to us but seen from space we realize how fragile the "blue marble" is. It is our only habitat as human beings and God has placed us on it to care for it for our use and for the use of future generations.

August 20

Blessing of Sports Equipment

"Mountains" - The Hebrews were highlanders. So, mountains figure prominently in the Bible. They are places of vision, divine encounter and decision. Where are our mountains, where we see far, meet God and make life decisions?

August 27

Celebration of the Baptismal Covenant; Blessing of Backpacks (for those starting a new school year)

"Water" - Water is necessary for life. In the Bible it was sometimes hard to find and, therefore, more precious. Violent conflicts happened over control of wells and other water sources. In Baptism, God provides us the Water of Life.