"Peter: A Story of Redemption"
This fall we will continue exploring the life of the Apostle Simon
Peter and what his story tells us about how God work in our lives.


September 23
Isaiah 9: 2-7; John 18: 1-11
―Man of Action, Prince of Peace‖
Measure our actions against Jesus’ will

September 30
Matthew 26: 30-35, 57-58, 69-75
―When the Rooster Crows‖
We deny Christ every day; but that is not the end of the story; God continues to reach out to us


October 7 – World Communion Sunday

I  Corinthians 15: 3-8; John 20: 1-10

“In the Dark While in the Light!”

Sometimes the truth is right before us and we can’t see it


October 14

Acts 2: 1-14; John 21: 1-19

“Reclaimed at Breakfast”

Christ redeems us from our worst places!


October 21

Acts 11:1-18; Galatians 2: 7-16

“Order the Crab Cakes, Peter!”

Christ opens the Gospel wide!


October 28 – Stewardship Sunday

Acts 3:1-10

“Giving What We Have”

We are but stewards for God of what we have