Havre de Grace United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Our Mission: To learn and grow as followers of Jesus Christ to serve others and transform lives here, across the street and around the world.

Welcome to Havre de Grace United Methodist Church!

Havre de Grace United Methodist Church, a congregation with a proud history and a bright future, invites you to worship and fellowship with us. Our beautiful facility, located at the intersection of Union and Congress Avenues in historic Havre de Grace, has served as a community cornerstone of faith for more than 100 years.



        Sunday  Worship Schedule:


     8:15 a.m.   Informal Service with weekly  celebration of Holy Communion


      9:45 a.m.   Sunday School for all ages


      9:45 a.m.   Contemporary Praise and Worship with Holy Communion the first Sunday of each Month


      11:00 a.m. Traditional Service with Holy Communion the first Sunday of each Month


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News of our Mission Trip to Virginia Beach, Virgina:

As in past years, our trip was organized through Teameffort.  Many thanks to Kim and Lewis Fillinger for getting us ready for the trip.   TEAMeffort is a non-profit inter-denominational Christian mission organization that has been providing life-changing, eye-opening, and faith-building mission experiences for youth for over 20 years. Youth groups work on projects such as repairing and renovating homes for families in need, and building mission and ministry facilities. Many fundraisers, tetanus shots, and many forms later, we were ready to go.


After a blessing by Pastor Norman at the 9:45 and 11:00 services and pictures of our group, we were off, around 11:15 from the church for our mission trip to Virginia Beach, VA on Sunday, July 12th. The “we” included youth Evan and Neal Hartman, Owen Fillinger, Cullen McCoy, Ben Blessing, Zac Orzewicz, Maggie Malia, Katie Cymek, Emily Sheckles, Savannah Cash, Zoe Bonitatibus, Gabby Frederick, and adults Lewis Fillinger, Phil and Candy Powell, Dean Cymek, Dottie Kirk and Cathey Robertson.


The homes of many elderly people and families on fixed incomes sit in disrepair in our work areas at Virginia Beach. Our summer youth group provided help to two homes for repairs and maintenance. Work included sanding and spackling a room, removing and replacing a roof on a 3-bedroom home, taking items to the landfill (6 trips), and building a shed at one home and replacing and staining a fence and building and painting a shed at another home.  We were teamed with a dynamic group from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, New Jersey, and made fast friends with Pastor John, Miss Kathy, and their youth.  We were able to accomplish all of the above except the roof on one shed (roof was attached but the tar paper and shingles were left for the next group).  We were only able to accomplish this with a trailer full of tools provided by Lewis and Phil and businesses and contractors in our community who donated and leant us items.


Breakfast was 8:15 for us each morning since we were only 1.3 miles from one of our work sites (other groups that had a further distance to travel to their work sites had breakfast at 7:30).  We packed lunches to eat at the work site and dinner was provided by the staff at the Center.  No bathrooms at the two work sites so we shuttled everyone back to the Center or to the closest fast food restaurant.  We were able to enjoy a hearty dinner at Outback on Friday night.  As is our tradition, we took our Group Leader, Zack, with us to dinner.  Zack is going into his senior year of college and hopes to become a Youth Pastor.


Teameffort has planned evening worship each night geared directly for the youth.  Our focus at the beginning of the week for worship was Demonstrated Life.  Each night at worship included games, skits, videos, we had God Sightings, music and a message from one of the adult or college staff members.  Staff members are “volunteers” who are young adults at least one year out of high school. Note the word volunteer --- these individuals are not paid for the 2.5 months they are at Teameffort. TEAMeffort takes care of lodging, most meals and will pay their mileage to and from the job sites; but getting to and from the Teameffort Centers is the responsibility of the volunteers...mostly with support from their home churches.


The staff asked us to focus on “What is your YES” and “Getting rid of the NO’s” in your life.   They asked us to unpack the things in our life that would pull us away from God and carry the belief that he will bring out the best in us.  Monday night we focused on Mother Teresa and how she was on her way to give a lecture and ended up witnessing to others while en route.  Tuesday night we focused on Andrew and how Andrew believed that even the small, insignificant things were still significant when put in the hands of God.  Wednesday night we saw a video from Pastor Saeed who was abused and imprisoned just for being a Christian and encouraging fellowship.  Even though he was in prison, he praised God in his time of distress and he gave encouragement to his Christian brothers and sisters in a letter he wrote, which was read in the video.  Thursday night closing is always special and important as a wrap-up for the week.  We saw a video of all the groups on their worksites.  We also experienced something powerful, emotional and potentially life changing.  We “got rid of our No’s” by leaving something at the cross individually and shared, through prayer, things within our group.   It was hoped that our youth felt a connection with Jesus the way the disciples felt when Jesus said, “I am with you always”.


We had a time to relax and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.  Thursday afternoon and Friday were spent at the beach so we could shop and enjoy the beautiful surroundings that God has created for all to enjoy


We left on Saturday morning for our return trip back to Havre de Grace, with a safe arrival. Everyone had a wonderful experience, learned some new skills through our work and was blessed with the work we accomplished, as well as the satisfaction of a job well done.

We are not sure when or where we will be going next year but we do plan another Mission trip in the July timeframe.  Stay tuned for dates, location, and our presentation at our church worship services.





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