ATTENTION!  All church activities are cancelled until March 27th.


Havre de Grace United Methodist Church, a congregation with a proud history and a bright future, invites you to worship and fellowship with us. Our beautiful facility, located at the intersection of Union and Congress Avenues in historic Havre de Grace, has served as a community cornerstone of faith for more than 100 years.

 Commitment Cards can be found on the Stewardship page along with campaign videos.

Electronic Giving: Fast, easy, & secure. Support the work of our church through Electronic Giving. Have your weekly or monthly contribution debited from your checking or savings account and transferred directly into the church account safely and electronically—you’ll never have to remember your checkbook again! Major credit cards are accepted.  Instructions for performing electronic giving can be found here.

The 2020 Census: Census Day is April 1, 2020. Please complete the Census questionnaire.  Census numbers determine how more than $675 billion in federal funds are spent annually on infrastructure and services to support hospital, nursing home, clinic, and public school construction; to determine future transportation needs, forecast future housing needs, including affordable senior housing; design facilities for people with disabilities; and develop a vast array of human service programs. Go to https://2020Census.gov